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Cookie Flavors:

From Owner Kim

Shortbread cookie with cherry pieces and almond extract with a white chocolate drizzle. My mom and I have spent a week malking cookies, coined cookie week by my kids, to take to all of our Christmas gatherings. These have been a favorite and would not be Christmas without them!

Cranberry and Orange make a great flavor combination and the sugary coating make them so pretty on your Christmas platter! These cookies are also a staple on our Christmas tray. So many memories of my kids racing in the door after school to try all of the yummy cookies. Makes me ready for Christmas (almost)

From Chef Liz

A Persian rice flour cookie. It is a very delicate and light cookie that just melts in your mouth. I chose this cookie because a very close friend of mine made these for me over the holidays one year and I have been obsessed with these cookies ever since.

Enhanced with the flavor of the brown butter, this cookie is a tender and crumbly cookie. I chose this cookie because it is one of the first things that I learned how to make in culinary school and now I always make them for special occasions.
From Chef Laura
Potato Chip Cookie with Dark Chocolate Drizzle is cookies made with crumbled plain potato chips.  It gives a great balance of salty/sweet and has a nice potato chip like texture when you bite into it.  I learned this recipe from a long time neighbor who always let my sister and I bake at her house around the Holidays.  I give her the credit of starting my interest in the culinary world.
Alfajores is a South American delicate sandwich cookies filled with dulce de leche.  A few years ago, my daughter wanted to know what other cookies are “out there in the world.”  After some research, I found alfajores.  For a caramel lover like my daughter, she claimed that this recipe is a keeper.  There are many different versions in different South American countries, with my daughter’s nut allergy, we picked the nut free version.
From Chef Judy, Kitchen and Events Mgr
These were created by a lady who lived in the small town of Nanimao BC on Vancouver Island.  She entered a baking contest, winning 1st place and local recognition, her bars became famous nationwide and are still part of the Canadian food culture. They’re made specifically with Birds Custard, anything different, they’re not authentic.
Throughout Canada, some provinces are known for different food specialties, Ontario is known for their Butter Tarts.  A tried and true dessert and a staple in most homes, homemade butter tarts resemble a mini pecan pie only with Currents or raisins and has a gooey center.  I love these!!

These are two of my favorite holiday treats my ‘Gran’ would make for the family every Christmas. We would drive the long trek from Minnesota to Toronto Canada every Christmas, walking into my grandmother’s kitchen where the smell of fresh butter and sugar was like being wrapped up in a big hug from Gran.

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